Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK. OS Grid Reference TQ656040.
The Pevensey Bay Village Website and surrounding Villages a resource already established, well viewed, just waiting for your input.

This site is designed to cover Pevensey Bay & Pevensey, together with local information and related beach information from local villages and towns to the rest of the world. Information about sea defences, environment and odd features related to coastal towns.

The aim of the Pevensey Bay Online website is for it to be a 'one stop shop' providing up to date information on village news, Parish Council meeting minutes (pending release), advice, organisations, events, facilities and services relating to Pevensey Bay, while delivering an insight into our village and surrounding area for residents and visitors alike. There will also be links to other local organisations and other useful facilities and will benefit and support the whole village community. It is hoped it will be a reflection of the vibrant and sustainable community life that exists in this great village and will be a great resource for the local community.

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Climate Change:This should concern all the residents of Pevensey Bay. Rising sea levels increase the risk of serious flooding to the area. The beach is designed for a 1:400 year event, there have been topping of the beach crest the last in 1999. To preserve Pevensey Bay we need to cut back on Fossil Fuels and become energy efficient. However despite Government words on Climate Change and numerous advising bodies saying we must do something the reality is that doing the "right things" is impossible, within current planning rules, see the "New Bungalow" as an example.

Thought: In the United Kingdom no one lives more than 72 miles from the sea. For us, as an island nation, the sea has an all-embracing presence. Spiritually and physically we are intimately connected with our shores. The sea has immense power, which we ignore at our peril.

History: In 1066, as the “long-haired star” of Halley’s Comet blazed through the skies above England, William the bastard of Normandy mustered an invasion fleet off the coast of Normandy. At the end of summer he set sail — around 700 ships containing perhaps as many as 7,000 men landing at Pevensey Bay in Sussex on either September 28 or 29.

NIMBYish in the Bay: “Allowing properties like this to be built would be detrimental to the general feel of holiday home ownership” from a non-resident beach property owner, who do not want permanent residents in their private beach club. However this is just the exception, most residents want Pevensey Bay to grow and survive. Just added the myths from non-residents.

Contributions: We welcome contributions to the site, especially from the local community in "Pevensey Bay". So please any suggestions, articles or events can be put on the website to reach over a 1000 viewers per month, from a free facility providing information for well over a decade.

Features: I have scanned in a large number of slides featuring Newhaven, East Sussex in the 1970's showing the harbour, the construction of the new swing bridge, removal of the old swing bridge and the building and launching of the Sovereign light tower, together with the Newhaven - Dieppe ferries.

29/03/2022 - Beachlands Original 1930's Design
25/11/2022 - Pevensey Bay Coastal Management Scheme
25/11//2022 - Sea Defences and Beach Work
12/03/2020 - The Sign
31/05/2019 - Marine Conservation Zone
16/12/2018 - The New Bungalow
03/11/2016 - Local Public Houses and Clubs
11/08/2014 - Fire on Easbourne Pier
01/01/2013 - Live shipping traffic map

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