Pevensey Bay - Coast Road

This section deals with the bungalows built in the 1930's on the beach crest between the sea and Coast Road in Pevensey Bay.
Typical Conveyancing Document
THIS C0NVEYANCE is made the twenty third day of May, One Thousand nine hundred and thirty three BETWEEN JOHN HICKMAN of Hole Farm Hastings in the County of Sussex Esquire (hereinafter called the Vendor) of the one part and WILLIAM KEITH MARTIN of 113 Kingsway in the County of London Gentleman (hereinafter called "the Purchaser") of the other part WHEREAS the Vendor is seised in fee simple in possession free from encumbrances of the property hereinafter described and has agreed to sell the same to the Purchaser for to like estate in possession free from incumbrances at the price of Six hundred pounds NOW THIS DEED ,WITNESSETH as follows:-
1. IN pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the sum of SIX HUNDRED POUNDS now paid by the purchaser to the Vendor (the receipt of which sum the Vendor hereby acknowledges) the vendor as Beneficial Owner hererly conveys unto the 'Purchaser ALL THAT piece of land situated in the Parish of Pevensey containing by estimation Six acres or thereabouts are having a frontage to the Sea of thousand four hundred and ninety four feet or thereabouts and more particularly delineated and shown on the Plan drawn hereon and thereon coloured pink Together with all foreshore rights And Together with full and unrestricted right of way over the road for the purposes of access to the lard hereby convoyed which said road is shown on the said Plan sad is thereon coloured brown TO HOLD unto the purchaser in fee simple.
2. THE Purchaser for himself and his successors in title and assigns coverants with the Vendor that no Beach shall be sold or carted away from the piece of land hereby conveyed PROVIDED nevertheless that the Purchaser shall not be liable in damages for any breach of this covenant arising after he shall have parted with his interest in the property hereby conveyed.
3. THE Vendor hereby covenants with the Purchaser that he the Vendor and his successors in title and assigns will at all times hereafter at his or their Own expense maintain the private road hereinbefore mentioned in a condition suitable for vehicular traffic and further that he or they will not cause or allow the land abutting on the other aide of the said road opposite the land hereby conveyed to be used in any manner which would in any way detract from the value of the land hereby conveyed.
4. THE Vendor hereby acknowledges the right of the Purchaser to production and delivery of copies of the documents short particulars whereof are set forth in the Schedule and hereby undertakes for the safe custody thereof.
IN WITNESS whereof the said parties to these Present a have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
THE SCHEDULE above referred to
10th November 1873
CONVEYANCE of this cite made between Henry Charles Howard Esquire commonly called The flight Honourable Henry Charles Viscount Andover Sir Reginald Henry Graham and Edward Maximilian Bethune of the first part Herbert Mascall Curteis Richard Henry Ainsworth and the said Edward Maximilian Bethune of the second part The Most Honourable Henry. William George Marquis of Anglesey and Sophia his wife or the third part Anne Isabella Mary Bethune of the fourth part and Thomas Simmons of the firth part.
6th August 1906
CONVEYANCE of this date made between Frederick George Hindle of the first part Walter John Wenham and John Thomas Wenham of the second part and Henry Thomas Simmons Herbert William Simmons Ernest Simmons and Cecil Simmons or the third part.

30th January 191l CONVEYANCE of this date made between Henry Thomas Simmons Herbert William Simmons Ernest Simmons and Cecil Simmons of the one part and the Rural District Council for the Rural District of Eastbourne in the Administrative County of East Sussex of the other part.
3rd December 1919 CONVEYANCE of thin date made between Henry Thomas Simmons Herbert William Simmons and Ernest Simmons and Cecil Simmons of the one part and the said John Hickman of the other part.

Typical Plan for Land Register Conveyancing note the three Lots

Typical Plan for Deeds note the site of the Martello Tower

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