Michael Stringer

Michael has spent most of his life designing over fifty feature films, including "Genevieve" which he designed in 1952. In the sixties he worked with Walt Disney on seven of Walt's features, "Greyfriars Bobby" and "In Search of the Castaways" being two of them.
"A Shot in the Dark" - one of Peter Sellers best comedies - gave Michael an opportunity to produce some beautiful and elegant sets for this lavish film. He was nominated for an Oscar for the Art Direction of "Fiddler on the Roof", a film renowned for its simple and authentic backgrounds.
Michael has worked on feature films all over the world - in Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Israel, Egypt, India, Malaya, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, America, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and, of course, England.
He has also worked in the theatre and co-designed Bernard Miles' original Mermaid Theatre and designed the sets for several plays there, including Brecht's "Galileo".
He has written and illustrated two children's books, "The Magic Carpet Adventure" and "Baron Battleaxe and the Magic Carpet".
He has exhibited his oil and watercolour paintings in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.
Today he is delighted to work happily in his studio in Pevensey Bay, Sussex, where he lives. He always carries a pocket sketch book and often travels all over the country with his wife Layne, looking for places of interest which will provide suitable subjects for painting.
His tremendous experience in the film industry has taught Michael the discipline and concentration needed to produce good work.
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OSCAR-NOMINATED art director and production designer Michael Stringer has died aged 80 in March 2004. Mr Stringer, of Pevensey Bay, was extremely highly regarded throughout the film industry and was admired professionally and personally by his friends and colleagues.

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