Peter Sellers

In 1995 BBC2's Arena series broadcast The Peter Sellers Story.

Sequences filmed at Pevensey Bay in Sussex, where old-fashioned seaside tea shops nestle under perfect blue skies, are particularly poignant.

Between 1955 and 1958 he went to Pevensey Bay over and over again


Neddie has to get to Pevensey Bay pronto, to foil a plot by Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty.

"The Pevensey Bay Disaster" was originally broadcast on the BBC as episode 10 in the sixth "Goon Show" series on April 3, 1956. A bit of trivia - just after this program was recorded, a rail disaster occurred and another program in the series was substituted that week; the program was run in the UK months after it was originally recorded.

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