Pevensey - Castle

The Romans between 250 and 300AD built Pevensey Castle, to defend the south coast against the Franks and Alemanni who were attacking the Roman Empire in northern Europe.
It was built on a small Island, and was known as Anderida. During the times of Alfred the Great the fortifications were known as Andredceaster.
When the Roman Legions withdrew from Britain in 408AD, the Anglo-Saxons occupied the castle, until Aella the Saxon seized it in 491AD.
In 1042 and 1049, Earl Godwine, soon to become Harold II, raided the castle and during the spring and summer of 1066 Harold's army, who were expecting the forces of William the Conqueror, occupied the castle.
Many scholars believe that the Normans landed at Pevensey in October 1066, but from research carried out it seems less likely and more likely that they landed near Hooe.
However the Normans occupied Pevensey in late 1066.
The castle was besieged by William Rufus (1087 - 1100) and King Stephen (1135 - 1141), probably from the Westham side, using a narrow spit of land joining the castle to the mainland
Simon De Montfort(1264) on his way to Lewes failed to take the castle, and in 1399 it was again attacked this time by the Yorkists.
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