Seaford - Proposal Plan for a New Approach to Flood Prevention

Seaford is primarily a fantastic seaside town – it is not a town that happens to be by the sea!
It is suggested that Seaford’s beach front, it’s beach and promenade, is potentially the most valuable asset it has, certainly it is these which mark it apart, different from other towns of a similar size.
Sadly this most valuable of assets is now a poor shadow of its former self. Seaford deserves better, it deserves to have its beach back and restored as the fantastic ALL YEAR ROUND community asset it once had!
It is time for a re-think in the way our beach, Seaford Beach, is now being treated, or mistreated if you like, in order to protect Seaford, this fantastic seaside town of ours, from flooding.

A specific alternative, a much more robust and exciting alternative, to the existing strategy is suggested- if you can agree with this proposal, or at least with the aim of getting a serious re-evaluation of the present sad situation.

A Proposal for a Long Term, Environmentally Enhancing Approach to Seaford Flood Prevention Performance and Reliability of Flood and Coastal Defences

Updated: Sunday, October 30, 2016 16:18